Relationship between demographics and patient infographics of company guarantees on utilization of inpatient services
Published On:Jul 04,2022
Diagnostic Utility Of Fluid Cytology By Conventional Smear And Cell Block Method In Pleural Effusion
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African Regional Integration Polity for Economic Growth and the Global-View on Africa Organizational Development
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The Collegiality of Ethical Social Justice Pedagogy for Community Health Disability Services in the Post-COVID-19 Era
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Lived experience of nurses at two covid-19 designated hospitals: a phenomenological study
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Pattern Of Childhood Severe Vision Impairment And Blindness In Blind Schools Of Hilly State Of Himachal Pradesh
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Assessing Monetary Policy via the Taylor Rule in a Selection of Middle-Income Emerging Market Economies: Issues and Evidence
Published On:May 30,2022
Nexus Between Capacity-Building Strategic Renewal and Performance of Youth-Owned Agro-Processing Small and Medium Enterprises in Selected Counties in Kenya
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TANKS Tangible Game Facilitators Lived Experiences: Roles, Competencies, and Challenges
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The Value and Challenges of Employee and Workplace Collegiality in the Institute of Higher Learning
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Note on Sustainable Aquaculture
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Brief Note on Oyster Culture
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Harvesting Methods in Shrimp Farming
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A Synopsis of Fish Farming
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Plankton Species Composition, Abundance and Diversity Indices in Three Ponds of Chittagong University Campus, Bangladesh
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