Recent Advances in Biology and Medicine
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An Overview Of Diagnostic And Therapeutic Advances In Aquaculture Disease Control

DOI : 10.18639/RABM.2023.9800036

Section : Agriculture and Allied Sciences

Published Date : Oct 25,2023



With the growth of the global economy, aquaculture has become increasingly important. Aquaculture faces the greatest challenge from infectious diseases, as they cause billions of dollars in economic losses every year. Using scientifically proven technologies is the key to reducing these impacts. By applying this knowledge to develop novel diagnostic techniques (molecular diagnostics, biosensors, spectroscopy and nanoparticles) and therapeutic agents (vaccines, gene silencing methods, etc.), advances in science are leading to an improved understanding of infectious diseases. Here, we are going to discuss some current diagnostic methods, preventive measures, and therapeutics used to control infectious diseases in aquaculture.

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