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Book Review Of The Book Titled “Aspects Of The Talent Management In The Workplace Environment Of The 2020s”

DOI : 10.18639/MERJ.2023.9900083

Section : Review Article

Published Date : Dec 26,2023



The book builds on an important issue of talent acquisition and management in the South African region. Particularly, the focus of different chapters is on the challenges faced in the education system of South Africa. Tracing the developments through the school system to the application of Maslow’s Need Hierarchy theory and entailing other such issues, a comprehensive outcome is suggested for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the people involved in institutions. In the post-COVID-19 world, a new era of competition has been unleashed, including the employees’ decisions; one of the chapters entitled “Buy, Build, or Borrow a Talent” highlights the contemporary issue. The post-COVID-19 scenario of the world is focused on Industrial Revolution 4.0, and the book addresses the challenges and issues of job security and its impact on talent acquisition. The chapters in the book serve a great need of the world grown out of the pandemic, addressing issues pertaining to organizational culture in the context of the changing scenario. As a research-based book, each chapter considers an important element of talent management from a different perspective. The chapters will keep readers intrigued by the recent pieces of evidence linked with fundamental concepts and conventional theories of human behavior.

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