Performance Assessment of Sri Lankan Pre-Hospital Ambulance Service
Published On:Aug 24,2020
Perceived Satisfaction of A&E Staff on the Level of Integration of Patient Care Operations with Emergency Ambulance Service, Sri Lanka
Published On:Aug 17,2020
Effect of Perceived Quality, Convenience, and Product Variety on Customer Satisfaction in Teleshopping
Published On:Aug 06,2020
Openness to Experience and Green Purchase Behavior: A Multiple Mediation Analysis
Published On:Jul 31,2020
Antimicrobial Activity of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana and Paederia foetida Plant Leaves’ Extracts Against Some Selected Bacterial Strains
Published On:Jul 30,2020
The Impact of Green Human Resources Management Practices on Organizational Excellence: An Empirical Study
Published On:Jul 22,2020
Predicting Innovative Work Behavior from Soft Skills and Emotional Demands–Abilities Fit in Knowledge Economy
Published On:Jul 03,2020
Identification of Fosfomycin Heteroresistance Among Multidrug-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae Urinary Isolates
Published On:Jun 27,2020
Effect of Socket Preservation Using Crab Shell-Based Hydroxyapatite in Wistar Rats
Published On:Jun 12,2020
Clinical and Demographic Characteristics of Older Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients
Published On:Jun 12,2020
India’s Readiness for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Through the India–Japan Partnership
Published On:Jun 11,2020
The New Development Bank and Multilateral Trade Facilitation Agreements on BRICS
Published On:Jun 03,2020
The Disruptiveness of Technology: A Case Study of Google Dominance
Published On:May 29,2020
Book Review of “East vs. West: Exploring International Development”
Published On:May 29,2020
Adverse Effects and Safety Issues with Use of a/b-Arteether for Treatment of Severe Falciparum Malaria: A Case Report on Drug- Induced Dermatitis
Published On:May 28,2020