Management and Economics Research Journal
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Outbound Logistics And Profitability Among Sugar Manufacturing Firms In Kenya: A Literature Review

DOI : 10.18639/MERJ.2023.9900081

Section : Original Research Article

Published Date : Nov 14,2023



The global role of outbound logistics in supply chain processes and supply chain distribution cannot be overemphasized. Reviewed literature has shown that empirical tests have been done in relation to outbound logistics and profitability. However, minimal research work has been done on establishing the link between outbound logistics and profitability, particularly among sugar manufacturing companies in Kenya. Semi-systematic review was utilized using secondary data.. The literature reviewed in this study was in regard to sugar manufacturing firms in Kenya published between 2011-2021. The philosophy guiding this study was positivism which is a deductive approach. The review established a significant positive influence of outbound logistics on the profitability of the firms. Evidence links the profitability of sugar manufacturing companies in Kenya and outbound logistics. It was recommended that the firms enhance their focus on outbound logistics in order for their profitability to continue to improve. Researchers can increase activity on this subject and context.

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