A Comparative Study of China and Japan’s Response to Section 301 Investigations of the United States
Published On:Aug 30,2019
An Interrelationship between Blood Pressure, Body Roundness Index, Waist Circumference, and Waist to Height Ratio
Published On:Aug 28,2019
Acute Herbicide Poisoning: An Emerging Phenomenon in Himachal Pradesh, India
Published On:Aug 19,2019
Sino-US Trade and Trade War
Published On:Aug 19,2019
Sino-US Trade and Trade War
Published On:Aug 19,2019
Gene Polymorphisms of Human FTO and Obesity in Part of Iranian Population
Published On:Aug 18,2019
US–China Trade War: Chinese Perspective
Published On:Aug 13,2019
Raw Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) Fruit Juice as Possible First-Aid Antidote in Drug-Induced Toxicity
Published On:Aug 09,2019
Natural Bioactive Compounds with Small-Bowel Glucose/ Antiabsorption and Sugar Digestion Enzymes’ Inhibition Actions: New Strategy to Relieve Hyperglycemia and Diabetes
Published On:Aug 03,2019
Study of Human Amniotic Membrane Mesenchymal Stem Cells Using Gelatin and Alginate as Nontoxic Scaffolds
Published On:Jul 31,2019
Concurrent Coinfections in Tropics: A Hospital-Based Observational Study from Himachal Pradesh, India
Published On:Jun 25,2019
Effect of Antituberculosis Medication on Serum Concentrations of Zinc (Zn), Copper (Cu), and Manganese (Mn) in Tuberculosis Patients
Published On:Jun 23,2019
New Techniques Used for Removing Antibiotic Residues and Antibiotic Resistance Genes from Water
Published On:Jun 20,2019
Identification of Flavonoids from the Leaves Extract of Mangrove (Rhizophora apiculata)
Published On:Jun 05,2019
Iraqi Economy Post ISIS: Challenges and Opportunities
Published On:May 24,2019