J Adv Composite Mater Construction Environ Nanotechnol
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Reuse of oil shale ash in the roller compacted concrete for earthquake engineering


Section : Research Article

Published Date : Jan 07,2020



Aim of this study is to evaluate the upcycling of oil shale ash (OSA) for highway concrete compacted with roller known as roller compacted concrete (RCC). The RCC specimens were prepared replacing 0%, 10%, 20%, 30%, and 40% OSA with cement to measure unit volume mass, compressive strength, flexural strength, and loss on unit volume mass and compressive strength after freezing and thawing cycles. The results showed that the upcycling of OSA done in current study has effective method on the properties of the RCC tested. The RCC specimens containing 10% OSA reached the compressive strength, greater than 35 (MPa) at 28d. Based on the experimental results, it is possible to use the OSA in manufacturing of highway concrete compacted with roller. Additionally, the work as upcycling example would help to reduce the quantity of OSA and to improve the properties of cement-based material and to reduce the cost of construction and to protect the environment from harmful effect of manufacturing of oil and cement.

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