Probiotics as complementary therapy for hypercholesterolemia


Journal / Book:Biology and Medicine


Published Date : Dec 01,2009



The role of probiotic organisms as alternative or complementary therapy in combating large number of gastro intestinal disorders and their ability to enhance immune response attracts global attention. In addition, their therapeutic use towards cholesterol-lowering activities has further increased their applications as effective probiotics for humans as supplements in milk and yoghurt, since there are no other supplements for hypercholesterolemia, which is the crucial risk factor for cardiovascular diseases. Changes in dietary habits, stressful life and lack of physical activities are the precursors for increasing incidences of hypercholesterolemia and subsequently cardiovascular diseases. The present review focuses on some of the animal studies and clinical trials conducted with probiotic lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. This review may throw some light to prove the ability of these probiotics as a novel alternative or adjuvants to chemical drugs to help fight hypercholesterolemia.

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