Lipid Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems: A Revolution in Dosage Form Design and Development

DOI : 10.5772/50486

Journal / Book:

ISBN : 978-953-51-4268-3

Published Date : Oct 31,2012



Nanoparticulate drug delivery systems (DDS) have attracted a lot of attention because of their size-dependent properties. Among the array of nanoparticles being currently investigated by pharmaceutical scientists, lipid nanoparticles have taken the lead because of obvious advantages of higher degree of biocompatibility and versatility. These systems are commercially viable to formulate pharmaceuticals for topical, oral, pulmonary or parenteral delivery. Lipid nano formulations can be tailored to meet a wide range of product requirements dictated by disease condition, route of administration and considerations of cost, product stability, toxicity and efficacy. The proven safety and efficacy of lipid-based carriers make them attractive candidates for the formulation of pharmaceuticals, as well as vaccines, diagnostics and nutraceuticals.

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