Generations of Sequencing Technologies: From First to Next Generation


Journal / Book:Biology and Medicine


Published Date : Mar 06,2017



DNA sequencing process utilizes biochemical methods in order to determine the correct order of nucleotide bases in a DNA macromolecule using sequencing machines. Ten years ago, sequencing was based on a single type of sequencing that is Sanger sequencing. In 2005, Next Generation Sequencing Technologies emerged and changed the view of the analysis and understanding of living beings. Over the last decade, considerable progress has been made on new sequencing machines. In this paper, we present a non-exhaustive overview of the sequencing technologies by beginning with the first methods history used by the commonly used NGS platforms until today. Our goal is to provide beginners in the field as well as to the amateurs of science a simple and understandable description of NGS technologies in order to provide them with basic knowledge as an initiation into this field in full ardor.

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