The Rise Of TikTok: A Case Study Of The New Social Media Giant

Authors: Daryl Green et al.

DOI : 10.18639/MERJ.2022.9900063

Section : Case Study

Published Date : Mar 08, 2022


The COVID-19-induced lockdowns of 2020 caused millions of people to make greater use of social media platforms, including the TikTok mobile app. With over 800 million users globally and more than $1 billion in revenues in 2020, TikTok has emerged as a major player in the world of social media content. This case study explores how TikTok can improve its positioning as a mobile app for businesses and consumers. It also analyzes TikTok as a method of disruptive marketing. Additionally, this study evaluates how TikTok became a significant platform for social influencers. By serving its customers' needs for curated and concise video content, TikTok has created digital marketing opportunities, including branding, reach, sponsorships, and influencer capabilities. This study has significance for researchers and practitioners and broadens contemporary assumptions about strategic planning for social media platforms.