Publish Your Book with ISBN and DOI Number
The HATASO platform is ideal for both established and budding authors to get their books published at
the earliest possible time. In addition to providing high-quality books for affordable prices, we strongly
believe that we need to stay in close contact with our authors throughout the production, promotion,
and distribution of their books. Maintaining high academic and production standards is our number one
priority. All manuscripts received will be thoroughly assessed for their global viability. Our publications
are all assigned ISBNs, and we are more willing to publish in emerging fields.
1. Format and Style
Book/Monograph: It is essential that all books and monographs are typed on A4 paper (Times New
Roman, font size 12), with 1.5 spacing and a margin on all sides of one inch. It is recommended that
authors submit one MS Word file containing the entire book, including the cover page, references and
Cover Page: The cover page of a book/monograph should include the following information:
a. Title of the Book
b. Author(s) Name & Designation
c. Address
d. Phone Number
e. Email Address
Brief Profile of the Author(s): Send a separate Word document with a brief description of the author(s)
and a recent passport-size photo.
2. Publication Fees:
A) Authors from India: HATASO charges a low, affordable amount as follows:
a) Pages up to 150: INR 5,500
b) Pages from 150 to 250: INR 6,500
c) Pages from 250 to 350: INR 7,500
B) For International Authors (Authors outside India):
a) Pages up to 150: USD 120
b) Pages from 150 to 250: USD 140
c) Pages from 250 to 350: USD 160
This fee includes cover page design, layout work, ISBN Number and DOI registration with 5
complimentary black and white books (hard copies). Shipping is free. The books will be indexed by
Bowkers (ProQuest), CrossRef, and other major agencies.
3. Royalty to the Authors: Authors/writers of published books are entitled to receive 15% of the royalty
amount from the sale of their books on online stores like Amazon, Google Books, etc., along with our
website for eBooks.
ISBN Number is provided in 10 days, and the hard copies of a book are published within 25-30 days.
Email your book draft proposal to books@hataso.com & hataso[email protected]