Biological Phosphorus Harvesting for Multiple Uses: A New Scientific Vision
Published On:Apr 01,2015
Volume 7, Issue 2, 2015
Published On:Mar 30,2015
Biochemical and PCR Assay for Detection of Pathogenic Bacteria at Shrimp and Shrimp Farms in Bangladesh
Published On:Mar 28,2015
Studies on the Mangrove Macro Faunal Diversity and Assessment among Different Sites in Port Blair Bay, South Andaman Islands
Published On:Mar 28,2015
Effect of Testosterone-induced Sex Reversal on the Sex Ratio, Growth Enhancement and Survival of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) Fed Coppens and Farm Produced Feed in a Semi Flow-through Culture System
Published On:Mar 27,2015
Protective Effect of N-Acetylcysteine Against Toxicity on the Rat Blood After Chronic Exposure to Carbosulfan
Published On:Mar 13,2015
Mass Propagation of Danio aequippinatus, an Ornamental Fish of North Eastern India
Published On:Feb 28,2015
Quantitative Analyses of Parasite Load in the Cardinal Tetra (Paracherodon axelrodii), along the Period of Capture and Storage
Published On:Feb 28,2015
The Effect of Low Dose of Lead Acetate on the Fallopian Tubes and the Role of Garlic Extract—A Histomorphic Study on Mouse
Published On:Feb 05,2015
A Review of Epigenetic Imprints in Aquatic Animals
Published On:Feb 01,2015
Isotopic Differences between the Left and Right Side Otoliths of Flatfish Indicating Growth rather than Environment
Published On:Feb 01,2015
Volume 7, Issue 1, 2015
Published On:Jan 30,2015
Influence of Stocking Density on Growth and Survival of Post Fry of the African Mud Catfish, Clarias gariepinus
Published On:Jan 30,2015
Research of Ascocotyle (Phagicola) longa in Heat Treated Fillets of Mullet (Mugil platanus)
Published On:Jan 21,2015
Volume 6, Issue 5 (Part 4), 2014
Published On:Dec 30,2014