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The Collegiality of Ethical Social Justice Pedagogy for Community Health Disability Services in the Post-COVID-19 Era

DOI : 10.18639/MERJ.2022.9900055

Section : Original Research Article

Published Date : Jun 30,2022


Special Issue S7: “Collegiality as a Management Practice”


The recent deaths of mentally disabled persons at the hands of police, both in the United States and South Africa, during the earlier COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent other similar issues, call for justice for victims, which are some of the sampled evidence of the precarious position persons with disabilities find themselves in. This article responds as an inquiry from the viewpoint of the collegiality on post-COVID-19 repercussions on community disability services. The researchers peruse evidence of the prioritization of social justice ethical education toward enhancing collegiality in community disability services for the benefit of community health and social work practices in the eventual post- COVID-19 aftermath in Africa. The articles’ reviews, synthesis, and concept-plotting applications utilize a systematic review of literature that rely on secondary data. The article made use of 110 out of 235 articles that were inspected, analyzed, and reckoned to be appropriate and incorporated the views gleaned from scoping searches of JAMA, The Lancet, Scopus, Elsevier, Cochrane, Wiley-online, Pro-Quest, Sabinet, Ebsco-Host, Science-Direct, Sage-Pub, and SAGE-Journals libraries. Thus, this article utilized three of the five main social justice theories for community disability services. The connected issues on collegiality in terms of its management and leadership for ethical, social justice pedagogy angled that prioritizing social justice and ethical education should improve practices of education in Africa. Consequently, we argued that the collegiality in the prioritization of social and ethical education should be addressed and offered a vibrant hypothetical framework regarding the essential ingredients needed to activate and enact collegiality in social justice ethical education for a post-COVID-19 era.

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