J Adv Composite Mater Construction Environ Nanotechnol
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Statistical analysis of fatigue test in jute reinforced polyester composites using Weibull distribution


Section : Research Article

Published Date : Mar 03,2020



In this research, the unsaturated polyester resin (polylite 420-852) ise used in combination with bidirectional jute fiber to generate composites materials by a contact molding technique. The parameter which was carried out on the prepared samples was impact test to plot the S-N curve, which is based on Wöhler Equation. Two-parameter Weibull probability was used for analysis statistically the fatigue life results of composite jute/polyester samples. Weibull graphic was plotted for each loading level using fatigue data. Then, S–N curves were drawn for different reliability levels (Ps = 99%, Ps =90%, Ps =50%, Ps = 36.8% and Ps = 10%) using Weibull data. These S-N curves were introduced to the identification of the first failure time as reliability and safety limits of the material.

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