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Sharp Teeth, Body Full of Thorns; Antenna Rising High on Forehead, Strange Devil Fish Landing on the Shore


Section : Opinion

Published Date : Mar 18,2022



There are many wonders hidden in the seaweed. They are often known only when they hit the shore. In many parts of the world, many strange objects are washed ashore every day. Some of these may surprise us, while others may be frightening. Thus stranded at a beach in San Diego, USA. The image of the strange-looking devil fish is now flooding social media. The rare fish was found on Black Beach in Torrey Pines. Jay Baylor, a young man, was walking on the beach in the evening when he first saw the scary fish on the shore. At first glance, Jay Bailer thought it was a strange-looking jellyfish. But a closer look revealed that it was a fish never seen before. So Jay Bailer returned home after taking pictures of the fish.

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