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Normal Blood Pressure in Healthy Adult Eritreans


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Published Date : Jul 28,2023



Background and objectives: Blood pressure levels may vary because of genetic, ethnic, and socioeconomic factors. To date, there have been no large national studies in Eritrea on blood pressure. Therefore, we sought to establish a representative blood pressure reference interval for Health adult Eritreans Methods: The study included a sample of 942 healthy Eritrean individuals aged between 18 and 60 years, comprising 331 males and 611 females. The participants were selected from households located in the cities of Asmara, Keren, and Mandafara. Anthropometric measurements and clinical data were collected from each participant. Blood pressure was measured twice using a standardized procedure. Results: 942 healthy adults were included, 331 (35.1%) were males with an average age of 40, and 611 (64.9%) were females, with an average age of 41, with an age range of 18-60 years. Median blood pressure for males was 120/78 mmHg, while the Median blood pressure for female was 118/78 mmHg for female Conclusion: The values of blood pressure were similar to international values of blood pressure and there was significantly higher blood pressure in males than in females.

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