Management and Economics Research Journal
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Leadership Effects on CSR Employees, Media, Customers, and NGOs

DOI : 10.18639/MERJ.2020.961566

Section : Original Research Article

Published Date : Mar 05,2020



This study aims to examine and compare the effects of ethical leadership (EL) and transformational leadership (TL) separately on different dimensions of corporate social responsibility (CSR) including (i) CSR to media (M), (ii) CSR to employee (E), (iii) CSR to customer (C), and (iv) CSR to NGOs (N). Convenience sampling methodology was used to collect the data through two survey questionnaires. In total, 266 responses of employees and managers were received: 87 responses were collected from the customers of top companies in Sulaymaniyah, that is, Carrefour, Qaiwan, Asiacell, and Korek. The methodology includes descriptive statistics, regression analysis, correlations, and covariance. This study provides a unique insight into the relationship between CSR and different types of leadership styles (EL and TL). The study finds out that both EL and TL have positive relationships with the variables M, E, C, and N. Leadership style, which leads an organization to better CSR in all of the above-mentioned dimensions, has been identified in this study.

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