Management and Economics Research Journal
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Indo-China Trade Relations

DOI : 10.18639/MERJ.2022.9900068

Section : Review Article

Published Date : Mar 21,2022



This study takes an account of the growth and development of economic ties between China and India since the inception periods. It examines the aspects that have added to the growth of this vital feature of their relationship. Further, it also highlights the obstacles, in particular to the economic relations in terms of trade scenario between the two. In addition, it provides that the future growth in economic ties of Indo-China will depend on how the two economies can effectively deal with matters such as trade inequity, border issues, lack of adequate infrastructure, market capture, and regulatory environment. These issues, if conquered, may show mounting growth in the existing degree of economic relations between the two. Therefore, strings of assistance and rivalry, both subsist at the same time.

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