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Harvesting Methods in Shrimp Farming


Section : Perspective

Published Date : May 05,2022



Shrimp farming is a type of aquaculture industry that involves the commercial growth of prawns and marine shrimp for human consumption. This is an idea that goes back to the 1970’s in order to meet the demands of Japan, the United States, and many other Western European countries. By 2003, the shrimp farm sector had grown quickly, producing over 1.6 million tons worth more than USD 9 billion. Asia has the great majority of the world's shrimp farms. 75 percent of farmed shrimp comes from Asiatic nations like Thailand and China, according to estimates. The remaining farms are spread out over other Latin American nations. Brazil, in particular, is known as the region's largest shrimp producer. Because of the quantities generated by countries like India, Vietnam, Ecuador, and Bangladesh, the farmed shrimp account for roughly 55% of global shrimp output.

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