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Freshwater Angelfish Pterophyllum scalare (Lichtenstein; Pisces: Cichlidae) Phenotypic Plasticity during Fasting Periods


Section : Mini Review

Published Date : Oct 04,2021


Phenotypic Plasticity during Fasting Periods in Freshwater Angelfish.


One of the most important species for the ornamental fish trade, the freshwater angelfish (P. scalare), is a cichlid from the Amazon basin. As ornamental fish market requires live animals, these fish are transported for trading inside bags, and in some cases, they experience long days of fasting. Thus, the present experiment was carried out to elucidate the effects of fasting on the phenotypic plasticity of organs with increased activity during such periods (e.g., the liver and intestine) and the likelihood of survival after such events, concerning the development of juveniles of the Amazon Cichlid P. scalare.

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