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Development of the Potential of Traditional Cheese Dangke of Enrekang Regency in the Health Sector: Literature Review


Section : Research Article

Published Date : Feb 07,2023



Dangke is one of the dairy products in Indonesia using raw materials for buffalo milk and cow’s milk, the clumping process uses the help of the enzyme papain as a protein hydrolysis agent taken from papaya fruit sap. Dangke has a nutritional content rich in proteins, fats, macro and micronutrients. This Literature Study aims to examine the various benefits of dangke on health. Article searches using electronic databases include google scholar, SINTA indexed journals and SCOPUS published in 2012-2022. The search uses several keywords: Dangke, Dangke benefits, and Dangke intervention. Obtained 7 articles, 5 articles came from national journals while 2 of them came from international journals. From the results of the article search, it can be concluded that Dangke has a positive effect on health, Dangke has various types of lactic acid bacteria that have the potential to be probiotics, anti-cholesterol and antibacterials that can inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria such as E.coli and S.aureus, besides that the consumption of Dangke can increase calcium and phosphate levels in saliva, form remineralization of tooth enamel, improve the nutritional status of children and can significantly increase hemoglobin levels in pregnant women in Trimester 2 with Anemia.

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