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Construction and Pond Preparation in Aquaculture


Section : Book Review

Published Date : Feb 01,2022



The construction of freshwater ponds first parity is needed to be a suitable site and include the suitable villager locality, water sources, a good quality soil for fish farming, and proper management for outlet and inlets, road facilities for ingredients and fishes exporting, and after that construction of ponds and proper castrated pond dike height, depth, and sloping and fencing management. And the ponds are after construction preparation of ponds includes the liming, after liming process 15 days fill the water. After that fertilization process starts with organic and inorganic methods for growing fish food include planktons, algae, microorganisms, etc. after those proper checking water qualities parameters like pH, ammonia, temperature, alkalinity, nitrate, nitrite, etc. after stocking fishes.

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