J Adv Composite Mater Construction Environ Nanotechnol
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Characteristic properties of wheat straw ash and its effects on the physical, mechanical, and durability properties of mortar


Section : Research Article

Published Date : Mar 02,2020



Water exists in nature with three forms as; aboveground water resources such as river, lake, and sea, underground water resources and water vapour in atmosphere. Ceramic-structured construction materials such as concrete, stone, brick are intrinsically porous materials. Porous systems, which exist in construction materials, are decreased or construction systems are insulated against water by using waterproofing materials to protect construction systems from water impact. Within essential construction materials, some additives with cement are used in concrete production in order to reduce the amount of porosity, improve qualities, increase durability and ensuring affordability of concrete in a particular way. In this study, the effect of wheat straw ash, which is one of the pozzolanic materials, investigated with the aim of reducing the amount of porosity and size of concrete, preventing continuity of capillary pores, minimizing their permeability and improving concrete strength qualities.

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