Recent Advances in Biology and Medicine
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COVID-19 And Tuberculosis: Convergence Of Two Pandemics Requiring A Change In Outlook

DOI : 10.18639/RABM.2022.9800025

Section : COVID

Published Date : Sep 28,2022



This review article has tried to cover the similarities and differences between the two diseases. The immune dysregulation during COVID- 19 and Corticosteroid (CST) therapy poses a significant risk for new secondary infections or reactivation of existing quiescent infections, such as LTBI. The convergence of these two infections, especially in the developing world, is raising an alarm bell among health authorities. Can COVID-19 flare up Tuberculosis (TB)? Will the use of CST in the treatment of COVID-19 can cause a resurgence of TB? Do we need to change our outlook and use our resources in smart and diligent ways to minimize the impact of both diseases on our population? These are the questions that have been addressed in this article. Only time will tell how much success we have achieved in this regard; till then, let us work smartly.

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