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Autopsy Findings in a Homicidal Death of a Young Pregnant Negroid Female With Suspected COVID-19 Infection


Section : Case Report

Published Date : Feb 15,2022


Autopsy Findings in a Homicidal Death of a Pregnant Female.


Homicidal death by hanging is very rare and for one individual to hang another, there must be either an inequality in their size and strength. We presented a case of a 5-month-old pregnant Negroid female who was said to have hung herself using a cotton bedsheet tied to a ceiling fan. The said incident took place at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. A postmortem examination was requested by the investigating police, and the findings were in keeping with assisted postmortem hanging and extensive fibrinoid exudate on the lung surfaces, which led to pulmonary infections with resultant septic shock and multiple organ failure. Respiratory failure due to severe diffused alveoli damage consistent with viral infections was the immediate cause of death.

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