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Assessment of Water Quality and Heavy Metals Pollution of Shahpura Lake in Bhopal, India


Section : Research Article

Published Date : Oct 30,2023



A few samples were collected from the three different regions of the selected experimental water body i.e., Shahpura Lake, India. These sites are classified as S1-inlet; S2-centre region and S3-outlet region of the water body, from all these sites, samples were collected during the three different seasons viz., summer, monsoon and winter by using the appropriate methodology to assessed the water parameters like pH, TDS, and conductivity of the lake. In the current study researcher also focused on some selected heavy metals such Pb, Cd, Mn and Cu from the different sampling sites. Here we got the highly significant results (P<0.001) from all the regions of the water body. Due to this, from the present experimental study we came to a conclusion that due to the increased concentration of these heavy metals leads to the sever toxicity in the aquatic fauna of the Lake which directly leads to the various hazardous impact on the human population through the various anthropogenic hindrances in the food chain of the humans. Various minimizing measures were also initiated by the concern authorities to overcome this toxicity up to some extent.

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