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Analysis of Food and Feeding Habits of Channa Punctata from Ashihali Beel of Hailakandi District of Assam, India


Section : Research Article

Published Date : Mar 18,2022



The pattern of food and feeding habits of Channa punctata was studied during April 2021 to August 2021 from Ashihali Beel, a seasonal wetland of Hailakandi district, Assam, India. The food and feeding habits of this freshwater perciformes revealed that Channa punctata is carnivorous in nature and the percentage composition of various food items in stomach content of Channa punctata were insects (61.70%), small fishes (50%), rotifers (55%), crustaceans (51.70%), molluscs (45%), annelids (50%) and miscellaneous plant debris (21.70%).

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