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A Mini Review on Technological Advancement of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Measures in Disease Control Used in Aquaculture


Section : Review Article

Published Date : Feb 07,2022



Aquaculture plays a crucial role in the global economy as its demand increases over the years. However, infectious diseases pose the greatest challenge to aquaculture as they would cause billions of dollars in economic losses annually. To reduce these impacts, it is necessary to ensure the health of aquaculture with scientifically proven technologies. Advances in science are leading to a new perspective to better understand the nature of infectious diseases and to apply this knowledge to develop novel and effective diagnostic techniques (molecular diagnostics, biosensors, spectroscopy and nanoparticles) and therapeutic agents (vaccines, gene silencing methods, etc.). In this review, we would like to present some current technologies for diagnostic methods, preventive measures and therapeutics to control infectious diseases in aquaculture.

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